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A wisp of pale light as

Tonight a sudden rain, wind of autumn weather, just like the heart, unconsciously quietly to heat up, and there is no sign of getting cold. Looking for a quiet path, not afraid of wind and rain, without fear of darkness, all the thoughts into a song of "pipa", get drunk I don't know. Loved, high-handed, if given, still have to send the role of trust on her mind.
In a world of mortals of misty rain, relies on the floor to listen to the wind, like was forced to separated from the branches of the fallen leaves, so helpless, always in my heart. So, the last touches the ground of the "salsa", seems to be a heavy sigh, and like to walk through together with spring, walk on a summer departure branches. It seems, is in regards to their will into the land.
Autumn in September, I do flowers, flowers devastation. May be born with feeling, as the love in the spring of magnolia, the lotus in the summer, autumn, also very love chrysanthemum. Perhaps, as long as it is quietly listen to me to tell about the plant, all like me. Desk with a pot of chrysanthemum, bedside hung a pot of bracketplant, night insomnia when open, in bedding such as iron bed, vaguely felt a warm current from the heart. It, is probably the longest confession of love - company!!!!
Perhaps writing ability is too thin, perhaps heart is too heavy, the tip of the finger put pen to paper, total feel no. Want to turn into a whirl of wind, drifting in the boundless sea of clouds, and the royal colts by running, to dapeng ostentation. Occasionally, admitted savage, prank help your hair, and made a face run elsewhere. Autumn winter season, of course, will not disturb you warm. Want to turn into a flower, the four seasons, forever with you, in the way you only,, enjoy your smile can is like a true...
Across time, in the past, I no longer can't go back.
The world of mortals is tender, and let the weak water three thousand, what a ladle, this is my drink? If I the afterlife butterfly lovers, stay on the bamboo forest in front of you, you will not be the bright colors of admiring my wings? You know, after the pain of silkworm chrysalis broken cocoon just to change you a glimpse.
Night, deep again. A wisp of pale light as if against the hegemony of the dark, with only a little weak breath, threw the night tear a hole. Tonight, "pipa language" single loop, the countless times, because I want to timesong, disconsolate lamentation, not so song "cry cry whisper secrets" more incisively and vividly!
Buddha said: past five hundred years of looking back, before the return pass this life. This life, you and I meet, always seems to be far future. I cling to the world of mortals, refused to still keep silent. Seems to deliberately playing tricks on fate, when I think of you and I together, a look back, you already exceeds the gulf, reached the shore, and I, ACTS leave blank and bewildered, and your only for an instant, but only this one eye, has through one thousand.
Backing fan, I learned to tears but still running. Midnight, dusty worry, only chrysanthemum understand, only understand. The stone bridge, one thousand five hundred years ago is still strong, although suffered the wind, five hundred, five hundred, rain sun in five hundred. Because he knew that she would come. Counter attack in one thousand, stupid dream, friends, and wait until the last, or desert solitary smoke.
River autumn waters up to, bacc the irrigation, as I put it cut off the water filled in the gap you and me, through my boat easily, would you wait in place, give me a gorgeous turn around? Sunset and solitary seek fly together, autumn sky color, I am with you, if I can fly together in the sky, play something with dress clothes?
Time footsteps in a hurry, gradually, low eyebrow letter hand, pipa music with you know.
Say to the wind, I have to go, it pity me, gave me a ride, north and the north, I can't find the direction to stay. Perhaps the wind cored, perhaps inadvertently, such as I look back, found that it had sent me a far-away, crossed a few heavy mountain, crossed several great river, with you, away.
I really go, go.

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As usual

Always want to write something, but there are always a lot of concern, have been dragged down. A thing of the past and not to mention, empty words do not want to say, the trivial in life are left endless void or empty inside was trivial world fill, often to speak out when, always tell myself three words "want more".

This is an interesting thing, sometimes the more things to tell friends, because he is a easy to people, so the exchange interest, it probably is. Like attracts like.

This few days free, often went to the Xinhua bookstore. Feel richer in it always, all kinds of books, a superb collection of beautiful things, their own greed will completely unmasked, Dermes HKdon't have the patience to complete finished this, here to see a few, there look at page two. In addition there is no place to sit, so everyone sit on the ground, some children will continue to speak or slapstick chase, but make the vegetable market to feel. This atmosphere is let me in this strange place easily in the reserved character slowly relaxed. However, probably through reason, never had the feeling, may be writing is very good, but can not always let me feel what things can be inserted into the soul.

In view of this, the park became a can give people a good spiritual comfort place. Here also will meet a lot of people, but not to worry, as long as not to disturb the people, Dermes價錢can freely walk or sit down somewhere quiet thinking.

The sunset will be reflected in the lake, crushed and broken, like floating on the surface of the clouds, and the distance of the breeze in the dancing, was like breeze, which is more feel peaceful thoughts in the gently shaking, not sad, do not miss, just charge skirt pendulum and Liu ribbon.Best Hair Removal Centre Perhaps the secluded department, the path will be more let a person feel more mysterious, more quiet, more levels, but these paths, still go out a vast world.

So I just sit still, any time a condensed into a seed, in the heart quietly germination, Yun Yucheng a green lotus, or a fruit, or just a random Shujuan clouds. In a long time ago or a thousand years later, in the morning dew moist early in the morning or is not a dream night, who stringed Zheng Xiang, who painted screen at cool, who as cold as the cream. Too lazy to think, maybe life early in life before they have begun. Let everything just as usual!  

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Not myself

Love is so powerful! Late autumn night, leaves fall all over the hill, like the time alone produced a maple leaf, a mouth water, sit on the cold stone, eyes that looked at the glow of the river NuHart. Occasionally, the wind blew, ripple films mixed with the wind with the hands of the maple leaf rise and dance in a happy mood. I am not a poet, but yearning for poetic life, I am not a princess, but yearn for fairy tales of innocence. I am not Zhu Yingtai, but the deep longing for the heat deep. Gradually lost, thoughts, through thousands of years, came to the Tang Dynasty, to see if the cicada jungle, picturesque bamboo forest, deep alley, extending local bottomless, roadside Chrysanthemum indicum is that Tao Yuanming left traces, landscape accent, back to hometown, whether Wang Wei had trodden footprint. I know, my life is perhaps the past life of Zen, with refined belief came here. Not for other NuHart, only to meet with you, and he fell in love, after suffering, respectively, to the next world. In that world, we named treasure.

Cry, someone asked, you like her, maybe my past with her sympathetic memory, immortality to her previous life, he poured into the power of her life return. The dust a few world, meet the world, late some, meet the world, causing many writes tragedies. How I wish Hsian Tsao has another name, three times, four legend. Happiness, is always lucky life is your name? On a leaf in the palm of his hand NuHart, that the world go round and begin again if he is in water, this life I watched you so familiar, had you if I have not cut off. God gave me a pair of bright eyes, is to he cry? Think lightly, light bursting into tears, light to do their own. I can not control their own crying, I am still very good.

Like reading, like not to be disturbed. Classical things like a spiritual and can not understand the mystery, let me crazy. I don't know him, I have you, only to find that can live so poetic world of their own.

What time is no longer sad? What the dark middle school will secretly cry hk-employment? What time vulnerable time learn adamancy? What time the tragedy also should as a comedy? A person to live, live simple, plain, even hard no courage, still light and family to say: "I'm fine, don't worry."

Put your heart, perhaps with his memory, perhaps is the result of this belief, I just learned to find four leaf clover, because I know, that is a kind of happiness, is a blessing, not lost you have lost him, not his world I took you, silently you look at me, silently I hold you, don't you cry, let my tears moisten you, with the initial happiness! Say three sentences: "have a happy, happy."

Just want to find some with his Zen in the simple life, quiet time can not play, cry to smile, to be stubborn: "I am really good."

Put the heart care, learn to calm the separation of; get together learn to calm. This world, quietly, quietly, is fragrant.

I am very happy! Happy I learn to put down, learning to open up, the world is a long, long the world itself is so short.

His mood, we should remember the warm memories; cry, remember the power of a smile!

Love to the depths, remember to look back on that one has completed the lotus, have experienced the baptism of years, still bloom.

Do your best, heart, casual, revel. At that moment! To the others is not rose but the bodhi.  

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him fall in love with you

What time my world more than you? What time do you become my lonely quiet friend? Crouched in the corner, leaning against the sofa, quietly watching you, read your message, appreciate your free and easy. Taste your taste, see your zen. In that moment I knew, without him, and you, my life and color, and significance.

Love you, not crazy is the light at will, put him down, put down those senseless struggling and autism. The unity of time after all to minority, penetrate Dharma only for himself, where he is? Have no trace. Follow the previous thinking, to the vast sky, the quiet of the night to tell the fate of relieved and meaning. You stay for me in the...... The east west dragon, white tiger. But I was destined to the North South Suzaku, basaltic.

Fate in where? Deep in the night ', we are looking for has lost himself in the dust under the stars. The noisy miscellaneous do you forget yourself, forget, forget the true. Who are we? Just the one, the corner of the world. Not worth mentioning that we use subjective masters of their own, do not know me, God has doomed.

I let him, or you Purdue me, with my little strength to Purdue he. In the time tunnel, we haven't finish has no life, long scenery has not read has become a memorial. People with grief at separation and joy in Union, these emotions are seemingly ordinary but dash human life. All the memories, to a person long and valuable for years, it is brief and frivolous. We all live in their own world, what time can have a look have a look the other, his world is also in the pan desolation. We have been focusing on their own gains and losses, turned, and his arms around the world.

Like to see your poetic appearance, I wander in your flower sea. Bring me a seed, germination, bud, opening. Then I, you, he, we no longer young, but much deeper value. What time does not escape, what to face what, when calm and calm, then I have understood, I incapable of action. I can't change it to let him go, I deeply love to let him become the most deep memory. The continuation of life, then he, a person living is a psychic, happy happy wishes through in his heart, a contented smile slowly floating on the cheek. At that moment, the ordinary world ordinary we can also do not myself.  

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